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Family Mediators are Available Across BC

Mediate BC has a roster of family mediators who have met our stringent requirements in:

  • Training (mediation, family dynamics, safety screening, etc.)
  • Experience (experience as a family mediator)
  • Professionalism (adhering to our Standards of Conduct, ongoing professional development and more)
If you need a family mediator in BC, visit our… more »

Family Mediation is Timely

Legal disputes in the court system can take months or even years to complete.  The longer a family dispute takes to resolve the higher the financial and emotional toll on the family.  This is where mediation can help. A Department of Justice Canada study in 2007 found that cases whichmore »

Mediation Confidentiality Update

Confidentiality is a key benefit of mediation (compared to a public court process).  However, the principle of “confidentiality” is not well understood and often confused with “privilege” or “privacy” issues.  In his Slaw post today (January 15 2015), Michael Erdle tackles this important issue by discussing two recent Canadian decisions: … more »

Our Favorite Word for 2015!

Curiosity. You can’t have a real conversation without curiosity. It can lead to creative and innovation approaches to conflict and open a pathway to resolution. We all know this but I wonder how many conflict resolvers make a concerted effort to identify and uncover their own assumptions and to be… more »