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Reason #5 to use distance family mediation: Reduce your carbon footprint

While I’m reluctant to use such a well-worn expression, it is simply a fact:  You can reduce your carbon footprint by using technology to attend mediation sessions. Less travel means you burn less fossil fuel, which means you produce less greenhouse gases. Participating in mediation from a distance, using technology,… more »

Reason #4 to use distance family mediation: Less time behind the wheel = More money for you

Today’s price for regular gas is a breath-taking 129.5 cents per litre.  This is at the little gas station near where I live on beautiful Vancouver Island.  The price in your area might be even higher. It’s undoubtedly stating the obvious to say that driving – in fact, any kind… more »

Reason #3 to use distance family mediation: Less time behind the wheel = More time for you

Math isn’t my forte, but the equation in the title is one I’m confident about. When you use technology to participate in mediation, there is suddenly little need to get into your car and travel to meet with the mediator and your ex – or, heaven forbid, to go to… more »

Reason #2 to use distance family mediation: You can wear your slippers

On the face of it, this may sound very flippant.  But, the reality is that a great advantage of mediating from a distance, using technology, is that you can participate in the process while in your own home.  You can wear what is comfortable for you (for me, it’s those… more »

Reason #1 to use distance family mediation: Technology really can help close the distance

Most obvious as a good reason to use distance mediation, compared to traditional in-person mediation, is how it eliminates the difficulties created by physical distance and other travel barriers like rain, fog and snow – all too familiar in British Columbia these days. Sometimes, travel to mediation isn’t just difficult;… more »

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Ten good reasons to use distance family mediation

Two posts ago, I wrote about my health care practitioner – the lab-coat clad one who wanted to know what distance mediation was.  The explanation clearly caught his attention because, immediately, he popped the next question.  “Why would someone use this type of service?”  Now, this was my kind of… more »

Meet the Distance Family Mediation team

If there is one thing that can be said about mediation – any kind of mediation – it’s that it is all about people.  People in conflict, people with concerns they are finding difficult to sort through alone, people who want to resolve legal or other issues so they can… more »

What exactly is this thing called “distance mediation”?

Shameless enthusiast that I am about our distance mediation service, I recently gave one of my health care practitioners a copy of our information pamphlet.  (If you’d like a copy, just and I’ll happily send you one.) (Did I mention that I’m an enthusiast?) After glancing… more »

Hello British Columbia!

First steps – no matter how small – are often exciting, seeming full of promise and possibility.  They are also often a bit like peering through a newly-opened door.  One can’t help but wonder what unexpected discovery might be around one of those corners out there! Posting this first entry… more »