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2014 BCAMI Symposium: “BC is making history in ADR!”

On Monday, June 9, 2014, our friends at BCAMI are holding their AGM & Arbitration and Mediation Symposium.  The lineup of presentations offers such a great selection of fascinating topics we wanted to highlight it as part of our blog (not to the mention the fact that it involves a … more »

Welcome New Lead Mediators to Our Family Program!

Since 2006 Mediate BC has offered programs to offer trained family mediators opportunities to gain experience with the assistance of experienced mentors.  Funding cuts required us to revamp our family program and a new streamlined version was launched in 2012.  Through the program,  trained family mediators (now called Associate Mediators)… more »

Future Leaders Practice their Conflict Resolution Skills in the Court Mediation Practicum

Today’s post is authored by Monique Steensma, Acting Manager of Mediate BC’s Court Mediation Program.  Monique is an experienced civil mediator and conflict specialist and her post today highlights the wide applicability of the skills learned in the practicum – read on! At the Court Mediation Program, a new group… more »

Ethical Blind Spots in Mediation and the Benefits of Mentorship

Welcome back to Mediate BC Blog.  Today another thought-provoking post from guest blogger Sharon Sutherland, Assistant Professor at the UBC Faculty of Law: As I prepare course materials for a new class in Ethics and Professionalism and also update readings for my tenth (!) time teaching the UBC Mediation Clinic,… more »

Family Mediation Services Ready to Launch New Regional Mentoring Program Pilot Project

Today’s post is provided by guest blogger, Rob Finlay, Manager of Mediate BC’s Family Mediation Services.  Rob is a certified mediator and licensed attorney in Washington State.

Rob Finlay, Manager, Family Mediation Services
Since 2004, Mediate BC has assisted many families in resolving a wide variety of family disputes without… more »

Court Mediation Program Reaches 20,000 Case Milestone!

Today’s post is provided by guest blogger Monique Steensma who provides an excellent reason to celebrate – read on! On July 11, 2012 Mediate BC’s Court Mediation Program (CMP) hit a major milestone—the 20,000th case was referred to us since 1998! We have come a long way in 14… more »

Popular Culture in Dispute Resolution Training

Today’s post is from our special guest blogger Sharon Sutherland.  Sharon is Assistant Professor at the UBC Faculty of Law at Allard Hall teaching Ethics and Professionalism, the Clinical Mediation Program and the Judicial Externship.  She was one of the founders of Mediate BC and the CoRe Conflict Resolution Clinic … more »