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Mixing distance and technology into the Agreement to Mediate

The Agreement to Mediate – every professional mediator uses one.  And, if what I’ve seen is any indication, the one they use is likely pretty similar to the Agreement to Mediate document that their mediator colleagues use. If you are a mediator who uses one of these “typical” Agreements to… more »

On reducing the gap between you and your former spouse

“Coincidence” knocked on my door again a few days ago.  I had literally just finished reading James Hollis’ What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life (Penguin Books, 2009) when what appears in my Inbox but a notification about a new post on one of my favourite blogs, Ben Ziegler’s… more »

The Distance Family Mediation Project now has a page on Facebook!  You can follow this blog, get news updates, and find information and links to resources relating to family mediation.  Check us out at Facebook icon logo from …

The rewards of paying attention

It seems like there is nothing like being the object of attention to make a person sit up and pay attention. Last week I had the privilege of experiencing a stellar example of this phenomenon.  It happened Friday afternoon, with the unexpected arrival of an e-mail from  “Congratulations!”… more »

Where are the children during the distance mediation process?

Today’s posting comes from Laura Luz, mediator, educator and one of the Distance Family Mediation’s team members.  Laura is also a Legal Information Counsellor with BC Families in Transition in Victoria.*  She and other counsellors at the centre provide various types of assistance to British Columbian families who are separating… more »