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The legal consequences of a refusal to mediate

Our special guest blogger today is Brian Gibbard, experienced lawyer and mediator and a member of the Board of Directors of Mediate BC Society.  He recently published an article in Briefly!, the newsletter published by the Law Courts Centre (thank you Dom) and kindly agreed to allow us to reproducemore »

Mediation Confidentiality and Deceit: Ramsden v. Ramsden 2013 BCSC 949

One of the hallmarks of mediation is its emphasis on confidentiality.  The promise that discussions in mediation are confidential and cannot be raised in a later court action (or otherwise) are critical in order to encourage the parties to engage in candid and forthright discussions towards settlement. So what happens… more »

Ethical Blind Spots in Mediation and the Benefits of Mentorship

Welcome back to Mediate BC Blog.  Today another thought-provoking post from guest blogger Sharon Sutherland, Assistant Professor at the UBC Faculty of Law: As I prepare course materials for a new class in Ethics and Professionalism and also update readings for my tenth (!) time teaching the UBC Mediation Clinic,… more »

What Does Mediation Require of Articling Students?

Today we have the pleasure of a special post from guest blogger Sharon Sutherland.  Sharon is Assistant Professor at the UBC Faculty of Law at Allard Hall teaching Ethics and Professionalism, the Clinical Mediation Program and the Judicial Externship.  She was one of the founders of Mediate BC and the … more »