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Mediate BC Society’s 2012 Highlights

One of the benefits of preparing for Mediate BC’s Annual General Meeting and Reception last week in Vancouver was chronicling our progress and accomplishments in the past year as part of the 2012 Annual Report.  A year goes really quickly and in the flurry of activity it is often easy… more »

Creating a Mediator’s Playlist

Today’s post is a “first”!  Sharon Sutherland shares her “conflict resolution” playlists and suggests tunes to help us get into the best possible frame of mind to assist others in problem-solving.  Read on for some inspiring and surprising ideas! At last week’s Small Claims Mediator meeting, Court Mediation Program Consultant… more »

Future Leaders Practice their Conflict Resolution Skills in the Court Mediation Practicum

Today’s post is authored by Monique Steensma, Acting Manager of Mediate BC’s Court Mediation Program.  Monique is an experienced civil mediator and conflict specialist and her post today highlights the wide applicability of the skills learned in the practicum – read on! At the Court Mediation Program, a new group… more »