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Why should I see a lawyer?

Our distance family mediation service strongly encourages its clients to get independent legal advice as they go through their separation and divorce. In today’s blog Erin Shaw, lawyer and consultant for our Project, explains why we do this.

Some people wonder why a mediation service – whose goal is to
… more »

Practitioner Talk: When technophobia gets in the way

Technophobia: …the fear or dislike of advanced technology or complex devices, especially computers. (Wikipedia) One of the very real challenges faced by some mediators wanting to offer technology-assisted services is technophobia – their own, as well as that of some of their clients. With the ever-increasing speed of… more »

Reason #10 to use distance family mediation: You can fit it into your busy schedule

Entire blogs could, I’m certain, be dedicated solely to the topic of how busy life seems to be these days.  Clearly, and for a vast variety of reasons, many of us have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it – a hectic pace… more »

Reason #9 to use distance family mediation: Save paper, save trees

Another obvious reason to mediate from a distance, using technology, is how it can cut back on your paper consumption. Many of the documents you need to have on hand for mediation needn’t be printed when you participate in distance mediation. For example, if you are mediating using a text-based… more »

What does “family” mean in our distance mediation service?

If you’ve been following my posts, you know by now that our distance family mediation service provides family mediation using technology to allow people to participate in mediation without having to be in the same place.  People inquiring about our service sometimes find our use of the word “family” to… more »

Reason #8 to use distance family mediation: It provides “distance” from your former spouse or partner

Recently I connected with an elderly friend who I’ll refer to here as “B”.  Our conversation, as to be expected, eventually came around to the topic of what I’ve been up to workwise.  B’s immediate response, when I told him about the distance family mediation service, was striking:  “I wish… more »

Reason #7 to use distance family mediation: Keep your “other” family members happy

According to a report by Leger Marketing, “Canadians and Their Pets”, 54% of British Columbian households have at least one pet:  33% own a dog; 32% a cat; 9% another type of pet.  An Ipsos-Reid study of pet ownership in Canada, “Paws and Claws”, concluded that:… more »

A Page from our Practice Notes: Success is no excuse for forgetting to plan for failure

I’m going to interrupt my series of posts on good reasons to use distance mediation to share, with those of you who are mediators, a technology lesson that came my way late yesterday afternoon. Our team of distance mediation practitioners, who I’ve already referred to in an earlier post,… more »

Reason #6 to use distance family mediation: It takes advantage of the “great equalizer”

There are a lot of articles on the Internet about how technology is the “great equalizer” when it comes to disabilities.  I didn’t fully understand the degree to which this is actually the case until reading Norman Doidge, M.D.’s book, The Brain That Changes Itself (Penguin Books, 2007). The book,… more »