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Robson Square ODR Pilot Now Open for Business!

We welcome a special guest post today from Monique Steensma, Manager of the Court Mediation Program of Mediate BC.  Monique describes an exciting new Online Dispute Resolution / Mediation initiative available to small claims litigants at Robson Square Provincial Court in Vancouver.  Feel free to pass this important information along … more »

Watching for Wood and Technology: What has this got to do with mediation Part 5

“Watch for wood!” yelled my Dad to his kids as we scooted off in small boats during our long summer holidays on Vancouver Island.  My Dad knew  that the hazards of boating on the BC coast included all the wood pieces, logs and stumps floating on the surface and lying… more »

“ODR: Making the ‘Green in the Machine’ Work for You” – A Free ADRHub Webinar for ODR Practitioners

If you’ve been patient enough to follow me on this blog, Twitter or Facebook, you will likely have seen my comments about a fabulous paper, “ODR: The Next Green Giant”, which was recently published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly.  (You can also download it here for free.) As if… more »

Thirty days hath September …and so does our distance mediation service

In an earlier post, I let you know that our distance mediation service will be able to accept new clients until May 15th only.  That is now just thirty short days away! If you are among the many British Columbians undergoing separation or divorce, and you’d like to… more »

Picking from the peck of platforms (videoconferencing platforms, that is)

It’s no wonder we get so many questions from mediators about what we looked for when picking a videoconferencing platform to use for our distance mediation service.  The panoply of platforms that is available these days is positively dizzying.  Add to that the highly sensitive and confidential sessions that … more »

When it ain’t easy to say the right thing: How distance mediators help

The difference between the right word and the almost right word
is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”
(Mark Twain) I wish I’d seen that quote years ago, when I was in the midst of my own separation.  In hindsight, I can say without hesitation that many… more »

Mediation and the Two Wolves in us

I had that familiar, sinking feeling last night when I started cleaning out the inbox for my personal e-mails.  My old friend, Procrastination, had left me with a stack of messages whose fate needed deciding — 549 in total.  The feeling evaporated, though, the moment I started rereading an e-mail… more »

How dark is it on the dark side? The environmental downside of using technology for mediation

Today, we warmly welcome Colleen Getz — evaluator for the previous phase of our distance mediation service — as she follows up on an earlier post in which she discussed the environmental benefits of meeting with the help of technology:

We humans have a bad habit of creating new problems
… more »

The hot chocolate question du jour: “Why family mediation in B.C.?”

Never in a month of Sundays would I have thought that I’d spend the recent holiday season being grilled about family mediation.  The topic du jour, amongst my friends in any event, seemed to be prompted by B.C.’s new Family Law Act and its support of non-court dispute resolution processes,… more »